Friday, May 14, 2010

Last One

So. This is it! end of a chapter (or era if you will). I'm ending this blog as I'm gonna relocate my blog to other site. Check my new blog right here! I've been working on the blog for some time, on and off, and I decided to move over there for good, for good reasons: first, tumblr has better features and visuals and second, i'm tired of spam comments. I also have some major things happening to me in coming future.

I'm done with Boston for good (graduating tomorrow morning! :D) and going to transfer West Coast - not gonna give more details, sorry! haha. But it's gonna be so nerve-racking. After living for 2 years in east coast, I have to move out there and adapt myself to the new environment. Nervous! but excited.

I'm also coming back home soon, which I'm really looking forward to. I sense that this is prolly my last summer break in Indo, cause I'm planning to take some classes next summer. I'm transferring to West coast for now but I wanna find a way to be enrolled in NY fashion schools, which is my first initial plan and still does.

So that's it I guess. It's been a very awesome to blog here, if only there's no spam, life would be easier. lol. FYI, this post is coincidental to this blog's 200th post. So, I think that's a good solid number of posts. So, that's it peeps! i'm ouit! -Thank You And Goodnight!

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